The main purpose of this site is to make a wide range of communication & information sharing platform for the students, professionals & the stakeholders of the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering field. The site will contain educational materials, books, slides, 2D & 3D ship models, virtual simulation videos which are related to the Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. Members of this community can share their views, ideas, articles and professional findings through this platform. List & information about professionals will also be available in the site. Industries can share their information about themselves, their recent works & achievements. There is a list of ship building and designing companies of Bangladesh, from where anyone can acquire information concerning this field of Bangladesh. There is a list of Educational Institutions which are providing education on Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. Latest News which are related to this field is also available. Individuals can share their views through forums and blogs by opening an account on the site and also can upload pictures, videos, documents, ppt, txt, pdf on their accounts. Forum & Blogs are separated in categories of students, professionals & Industry. Member list provides the registered members of the site from where one can easily find another person who are related to the field of Maritime Industry & contact with them through this website

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